My English Friend (English Speaking Course) e-Edition/ Class

This is the digital program of My English Friend . In this program you can learn through videos which are based on My English Friend and Mr. Anu Sharma is teaching you in the videos. You will feel like class room at your home and learn English with your family.


(Very easy & effective program to learn spoken & written English)

In this course you will learn:

  • TYT (Twist Your Tongue method to Speak English Fluently).
  • Direct-Method i.e. situational method. (No need to learn Translation)
  • Tense = Tension.
  • Game of five.
  • Five points system (To learn spoken English easily).
  • Complete list of Short form for Spoken & Written English.
  • Phonetics of Short forms for fluency.
  • Complete list of Negative Short forms for Spoken & Written English.
  • List of Short words which Speaks & write oftenly e.g. want to, wannna, don’t know Dunno.

Free English Speaking Videos

  • All lessons with complete conversational practice and Exercise.
  • Three Imperative sentences in each lesson. So total 180 sentences. (a book)
  • Define every difficult word.
  • More than 1000 words which use in daily life situation.
  • Learn with fun puzzles to enrich Vocabulary.
  • Special attention to improve Pronunciation (Phonetics).
  • Covered all topics of Spoken & Written English.
  • A special topic on Hesitation during Spoken English.
  • A special topic on ‘Divide & Rule’ method which can be applied in Spoken English to speak fluently and confidently.
  • Some very practical tips to be Master in Spoken & Written English.
  • More than hundred Vocabulary figures to understand easily.
  • A topic ‘Don’t speak it’ (The common mistakes which we make very often during Spoken & Written English.


Highlight of My English Friend:

  • Set of 2 books + 1 VCD + 1 Memory/Revision chart + 1 Book mark + Pen Drive or Videos Links
  • Your home tutor for Spoken English.
  • Very Easy & 100% Effective method.
  • Tense = Tension based (a unique method).
  • Primary to advance Spoken English.
  • A family package.
  • Thousands of satisfied English learners.
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