Handwriting Improvement (Calligraphy) Center

Hand Writing Improvement Center

  1. You may open hand writing improvement center at your home, school, coaching etc.
  2. Collegiate, Teachers, House wives, Retired persons, Coachings, Schools may open hand writing improvement center.
  3. Minimum qualification is High school. We prefer teachers. (No any specific skill required.
  4. Minimum Investment= Maximum Profit.
  5. There are three Categories of Centers:-
  6. Unit center: – will be in a particular area of a district. There will be ten or more than ten unit centers in district.
  7. Master center: – will be one or two in a district and all unit center will be under the master center.
  8. State manager: – will be one or two in a state and all master centers and unit centers will be under the state manager.