Q-1: Is it possible that anybody can improve his / her poor (scribble) English handwriting just in 21 hrs and Hindi hand writing in 14 hrs?

A: Yes, it is 100% possible if you follow a proper hand writing technique.

Q-2: What do you mean by hand writing technique?

A: Actually to improve hand writing you must follow proper hand writing technique like how to hold pen / pencil, how to sit while writing, how to make up & down stroke curve hand writing, how to keep inter space between letters and words, how to join the letters etc.

Q-3: What I will get in my hand writing improvement course (kit)?

A: You will get 21 scientifically designed exercise sheets in English and 14 exercise sheets in Hindi; also get one fountain pen and one VCD.

Q-4: How much time I will have to give daily?

A: One hour daily till 21 days for English handwriting and one hour daily till 14 days for Hindi handwriting course.

Q-5: I am 42 years old can I do this course and get results?

A: Definitely this course is for 8 years to 60 years old and everybody can get a magical results. It doesn’t make any difference that how old you are or how educated you are.

Q-6: I am a school / college student. Will this course be fruitful for me also?

A: Yes definitely, this course is very beneficial to all students. Even they are in any class, any medium or any boards. After doing this course you will get 10% to 15% extra marks which will make a big difference.

Q-7: What improvement I will feel after doing this course?

A: You will feel following improvement after doing:
a. English hand writing improvement course:
1. Correct formation of capital & lower case letters.
2. Correct making of letters and joining of flowing strokes.
3. Perfectness in the size of hand writing.
4. Your cursive hand writing.
5. Grip of pen / pencil.
6. Shape and size of letters.
7. Equal inter space between letters and words.
8. Speed of hand writing.
b. Hindi hand writing improvement course:
1. Correct formation of Hindi varnmala (alphabets).
2. Correct formation of vowels consonants.
3. Uniformity in size of letters i.e. Hindi varnmala (alphabets).
4. Correct formation & knowledge of MATRA i.e. notation or vowel marks.
5. Correct formation of tail letters, straight line letters and curved shape letters.
6. Correct formation of nasalized (……………………………
7. ……………………………….
8. Skill of Hindi hand writing.
9. Equal inter space between letters and words.
10. Correct formation of numerical figures in Devnagri Script (Hindi).
11. Correct formation of vowel and consonant.
12. Correct formation of base forms and secondary forms.
13. Speed of hand writing.

Q-8: Will I have to go anywhere to do this hand writing course?

A: Not at all, this is distance learning programme, you can do it anywhere like your home, school, office, journey, etc.

Q-9: Will I have to do some extra practice after completed the course?

A: No, this is complete course and no need of extra practice. This is life time programme. you will do it only once in your life.

Q-10: I am left handed. Can I do it too?

A: Yes, sure.

Q-11: How My English Friend (a course to learn spoken English) is different than other courses?

A: Due to teaching methodology. In this course we have taught by a practical way and apply new  five point system & game of five. In this method you no need to learn tense or typical grammar. We have applied this new method more than 1 Lakh students in our classroom since last 10 years.

Q-12: But how it is possible that without grammar or tense we can speak English?

A: Actually we have taught a practical grammar which use to spoken and written English but in other books you have to learneasy tense noun, pronoun, etc. but in this course we have not taught all this.

Q-13: Can you explain it more?

A: Yes, for example you can speak your mother tongue without knowing the much grammar of mother tongue. Similarly you can speak English.

Q-14: Will I speak or write grammatically wrong?

A: Not at all. You will speak & write correct English language.

Q-15: I have given up study before long? Will it make any difference?

A: Not of all. We have used very-very easy method to learn spoken English.

Q-16: I am from Hindi medium school/ back ground. Can I understand this course easily?

A: Definitely. It is very easy.

Q-17: I am not much educated. Can I learn & speak English by this course?

A: Yes, no need to be much educated.

Q-18: If I get any confusion during study?

A: You can send SMS/ email or write a letter to Mr. Anu Sharma who has developed this course.