Hindi Learning Course Book

My Hindi Friend (Hindi Learning Course) 

(A unique course for Hindi learning & handwriting)

After more than years long and deep research we have developed a unique course for Hindi learning & handwriting Improvement. This program is first time of its kind and very effective.

In this course you will learn:

  • Comparison between English & Hindi alphabet & Vowels/Consonants.
  • Detailed study and practice of Hindi Vowel marks.
  • Detailed study of consonants with example in Roman script and their English mean.
  • Detail study of vowel mark with combination of consonants with Hindi example and their English mean.
  • Study of light sound (Half consonants) letters with Hindi examples and their English mean.

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  • Study of half letter with same consonants with produce extra sound.
  • Study of half letter ‘ j  ‘ (ra) and how to write (put) in
  • Hindi with different way.
  • Basic Hindi Grammar.
  • Punctuation marks of Hindi.
  • Comparison of Hindi & English tense.
  • How to look Hindi dictionary.
  • Study of a letter, word and sentence.
  • Study of Hindi tense and comparison with English language to understand easily.
  • Detail study of types of Hindi sentence and special focus on Interrogative sentence.
  • Medium of learning is English.
  • Very easy and practical method to learn Hindi Language.
  • Special topic on ‘Time’.
  • Hindi Name of Days of week.
  • How to ask the way.
  • Some general notice Boards which you often see.
  • Extra topic on feeling sentence.
  • Extra topic of Hindi Imperative sentence for daily use.
  • A big list of words which speak (Pronounce) same in Hindi & English eg. Mobile.
  • Some very Natural conversations.
  • Hindi words and story for Hindi reading.

In this course you will improve:

  • Correct formation of Hindi Varnmalas (Alphabet).
  • Correct formation of Vowels & Consonants.
  • Uniformity in size of letters i.e. Hindi Varnmalas (Alphabet).
  • Correct formation & knowledge of MATRA i.e. Notation or vowels marks.
  • Correct formation of Tail letters, straight line letter & curved shape letters.
  • Correct formation of Nasa ( ‘ ), Diacritical Dot ( , ), Halant ( ~ ), Chandra Bindu ( ¡ ), Visarg ( ; ), Nukta ( – ) etc.
  • (How to write/read Hindi letters and words in English)
  • Skill of beautiful & legible handwriting.
  • Equal Inter space between letters & words.
  • Proper and even interspaces between two lines.
    • New line starting.
    • Proper & Ideal posture of handwriting.
    • Right gripping of pen/pencil.
    • Correct formation of Numerical Figures in Devnagri Script (Hindi).
    • Correct formation of Vowels & Consonants.
    • Correct formation of Base forms & Secondary forms.
    • Correct formation of strokes.
    • How to make and joins half letters.
    • Special focus on ideal Speed of handwriting.
    • Also for Marathi, Sanskrit & Nepali handwriting Improvement.
    • Also learn artistic and stylish Hindi handwriting (Calligraphy) with different font style.

    Highlights of My Hindi Friend:

    • Set of 1 book + 1 VCD + 1 memory/revision chart + 1 ink pen + 14 Exercise Sheet + 1 book mark.
    • Your home tutor for spoken Hindi and improving Hindi handwriting.
    • Very easy & 100% effective method.
    • Learning medium is English.
    • Learn Hindi & Improve handwriting just in 14 hrs.
    • Thousands of satisfied learners.
    • By online clickbulb.com or Call on 9557777553, 9897065034.
    • Download free Hindi learning course.
    • MRP Rs. 3299.00
    • Offer Price Rs. 2475.00

    ISBN NO. 978-81-927556-3-2