English Spoken Teacher in Agra

Role of English language teacher in considering an enabling curriculum, teachers need to be aware of both these characteristics and also to build on their experience of children to extent their own understanding of development and experience in children. In fact an English spoken teacher gaining in experience simply by dint of working with children, and giving in quality of experience by reacting sensitively to development and experience of children.

To English spoken teachers from the more recent pattern of training the expectation of professional growth is much more in built. Thus English spoken teachers at different points on their curves of development will not only have different extents and kinds of experience.

The nature of all interactions that takes place in the class room is indicative at teacher roll by analyzing such interactions one may be able to arrive at some conclusions about the English spoken teacher class room behaviour is the teacher excessively dominative while teaching or is he sociable and allow pee both way communications between English spoken teachers and students in the class room. Such an assessment would enable the teacher to review and correct, if necessary in methods of teaching spoken English.

English spoken teacher should make some extra efforts for their students.

English Spoken Teacher


A spoken English teacher is to follow different methods to teach English communication we have three types of communication. There are speaking and listening, visualizing and observing, writing, reading and mass communications. Here the communication can be face to face that is between the encoder and decoder as physically separated from the encoder for example in writing, reading and hearing by printed media like Journals, news paper and radio etc. respectively. Where the decoder is able to enjoy and appreciate. Spoken English teacher makes perfect a learner in all above so he will more comfortable during English speaking.

Spoken English teachers give quality lecture to teach English and they adopt Hindi or students mother tongue so students may understand the concept easily. The lecture method has been the earliest known method of instruction. At present the method is used in school, college and other institutions. Most of spoken English teachers like to teach by lecture method.

Spoken English teachers can do an informal talk, punctuated by suitable questions and made spicy use of audio-visual aids providing a ……. Vivid pictures, will be able to secure sustained attention of the pupils during learning of spoken English.

A spoken English teacher is to mind the background if any student so he can teach accordingly because every students wants to learn English but all students aren’t from same background. Some are from rural and some are from urban background. Some are from English medium schools and some are from Hindi medium school. So the spoken English teacher has to adopt the teaching method accordingly.

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